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In this, the pilot for I'm Dickens He's Fenster (originally titled ‘The Workers'), Harry Dickens (John Astin) begins to experience a crisis of confidence when he's being considered for promotion to foreman. His friend Arch (Marty Ingels) tries to counter Harry's creeping self-doubts--but only succeeds in making his pal even more paranoid!

Yvonne Craig (Batgirl from Batman) has a small part as Arch's voluptuous girlfriend, Hillary Scott.

A Small Matter of Being Fired (Pilot)

Air Date: September 28, 1962
Written by Leonard Stern and Don Hinkley
Directed by Arthur Hiller


Harry Dickens... John Astin
Arch Fenster ... Marty Ingels
Kate Dickens ... Emmaline Henry
Myron Bannister ... Frank DeVol
Mel ... Dave Ketchum
Lorna Arnold ... Vitina Marcus
Mulligan ... Henry Beckman
Bentley ... Noam Pitlik
Leff ... Robert Ball
Hillary Scott ... Yvonne Craig

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