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In addition to being a legendary television writer, producer, and director, I'm Dickens He's Fenster creator Leonard Stern is also a noted publisher through his imprint, Tallfellow Press.

Originally Price/Stern/Sloan, the company was founded with Leonard Stern's partners, Roger Price and Larry Sloan. Stern and Roger Price also co-created the sensationally popular series of children's books, Mad Libs. Eventually, Price/Stern/Sloan evolved into Tallfellow Press, which currently offers an eclectic mix of Hollywood industry how-to's, fiction, self-help, and children's books.

Droodles--The Classic Collection

"If there's a funnier art book - it's yet to be written."
-L B Stern, Author, Comedy Writer


From Crime to Crime

"Dennis Palumbo's gang of affable husbands solves some daunting mysteries with a combination of clever deduction and sly humor that is very appealing. Lots of fun."
-April Smith, author of the latest FBI Special Agent Ana Grey mystery, Judas Horse


Great Failures of the Extremely Successful

"Advice is cheap, but life experience is invaluable, and that's what this book offers. I started reading about some of the people I admire, and found I couldn't stop."
-Leonard Maltin, Author and Film Critic


Ten Minutes to the Speech

"If I had to speak in front of any size audience, this is the book I'd turn to."
-Mark Gordon, Producer, Saving Private Ryan; Grey's Anatomy

Doing it for Money

"… This is a book for anyone who has ever written for money and for everyone who hasn't."
-Howard A. Rodman, Professor of Cinema-Television University of Southern California


Ten Minutes to the Audition

"I can't recommend Janice highly enough. She teaches the correct information with humor, and turns out wonderful actors… and they're working!"
-Joan Darling, Emmy Award-Winning
Director and Teacher

Write Screenplays That Sell

"The best screenwriting book in more than a decade! I eagerly commend it to writers and to all souls who love movies."
-Richard Walter, Chair of UCLA Screenwriting Program


Ten Minutes to the Job Interview

"Ten Minutes to the Job Interview is a great, thoughtful and comprehensive book that guides job seekers as they navigate through the interview process. A must have resource for all who want to interview the correct way!"
-Bill Ruggirello, Assistant Director Career Services, The University of Arizona

Ten Minutes to the Pitch

"Without the pitch, there is no script. It's a skill and an art rarely taught and this useful guide helps fill that void."
-Pam Soper, Vice President, Shore View Entertainment, Paramount Studios

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